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More picks on low-profile games.  January is free.

Welcome to Lone Star Sports Picks, where you’ll find the lowest price per pick, and picks on low profile games most handicappers ignore.

It’s very difficult to predict the outcome of games better than sportsbooks.  Their solvency depends on accurately setting opening lines, which is why even the best handicappers have a long-term winning percentage of about 56% on totals and spreads.  Search the internet and you’ll arrive at the following conclusion: some handicappers are better than others, but the best top out at the magic 56% mark.  We do as well.  You will not find better.  Anyone who claims to win 60% or 65% long-term is either dishonest or they offer picks on a very small number of games.  You’ll begin to realize the top handicapping services are differentiated not by winning percentage, but rather by other factors such as which games are offered, number of picks offered, subscription price, and timeliness of picks.  This is where Lone Star Sports Picks exceeds the competition.

Long-term, our picks are as profitable as the best handicapping services available, but we have a business model that allows us to offer picks at a very low price per pick, and we post our picks early in the day, allowing you to shop for the best lines and wait for line movements that the best value.  Additionally, we offer picks on low profile games most handicappers ignore, such as small colleges and WNBA.  In accordance with our business model to keep operations simple and costs down, we offer only one subscription plan: $49 per month for all sports, all seasons, which averages to less than $1 per pick.

As a result of low subscription price and offering picks on games most handicappers ignore, Lone Star Sports Picks is positioned to supplement your existing, expensive handicapper who focuses on high profile games, such as NFL and NBA. Lone Star Sports Picks does offer picks for the NFL and NBA, but the primary focus is NHL, WNBA, and small college football and men's basketball. 

The first picks will be issued January 1st, 2016.  January 2016 is free to all new customers.  No credit card is required for initial registration.  Payment is required to continue receiving picks after January 31st.